Ibiza – white party island and more

Ibiza is the exact opposite of Mallorca – the island is white. Many buildings are snow-white in contrast to the typical finca beige in Mallorca. Ibiza is the party island in the summer and therefore attracts so many young people. No wonder, the hottest DJs play in giant discotheques. The party starts at midnight and goes on until dawn.

Ibiza – Party all the time

Tip: Still fit after a long night? Then head to Bora Bora. It has been a hotspot of the party scene on Playa d’en Bossa beach for decades. If you get tired, chill on the beach, drink a last cocktail or refresh yourself in the sea. In any case, one of the best places in the world for the party-hungry! It costs a little something but is worth every penny. But there is also the dreamy island, the island with beautiful beaches, with old and young hippies and yoga centers and great restaurants.  

Cafe del Mar auf IbizaQuelle: RalfRoyal

The Port

If you come to Ibiza, you will inevitably come to the port in Ibiza Town, because from there you can start a little tour. The port is worth seeing, because here are the luxury ships and sometimes you get to see a VIP.

The old town

Then you stroll through the old town – small alleys with cute stores are lined up. During the day everything is very quiet, but at night it gets really hectic in the alleys. Up we go to the Castello, an old fortress. At the top you have a beautiful view of the marina and the newer neighborhoods of Ibiza Town.  

Ibiza StadtQuelle: RalfRoyal

The hippie market

Is it Wednesday right now? Then go to the hippie market on the east coast of Ibiza, outside the town of Es Canar about 20 kilometers from Ibiza Town. The largest and most beautiful market on the island, even if it is no longer in the hands of the AUssteiger, but rather professional traders. Nevertheless, there are still often homemade jewelry, cloths, clay things, bags. Wonderful to browse and store

Hungry? Fancy some fish?

Then off to the Tropicana Beach Club on the beach of Cala Jondal. It is one of the best fish restaurants on the island and has indoor and outdoor tables. Who doesn’t like to sit on the beach and enjoy a great paella?

Small beaches and coves

If you don’t want to go to the big crowded beaches you will quickly find them on the island. Just drive along the coastal road on the east coast and stop wherever you want. I myself have found such small beaches with max 10 people, just quiet and chilled. Ibiza offers more than Mallorca in my opinion, is small and clear and I just like it a bit better. But everyone has to try it out for themselves. If you are already on vacation in Mallorca, you can take a ferry in the morning and back in the evening. That is enough for the first impression.

Gay People

Yes of course, Ibiza is a party destination and gays love to party. Every year the Ibiza Gay Pride takes place. A gay guide can be found in the weblinks Have fun on the white island in the Mediterranean Sea!




  • Cafe del Mar auf Ibiza: RalfRoyal
  • Ibiza Stadt: RalfRoyal
  • michael-baccin-Tl9qsZqcgxI-unsplash: unsplash

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