Best 3 Gay Beaches in South of France

Southern France is characterized by the French way of life and ease, this makes the south a special destination where you can enjoy culture, beaches, excellent cuisine and of course meet many men.

Here are some gay beaches in the south of France:

Grand-Travers, La Grande-Motte

For over 30 years, the beach of Grand-Travers has had cult status. The sand dunes attract an ever-increasing number of gay beachgoers. The ideal place to relax, chill, cruise – anyone can make new French friends here! And French men are hot…the Frenchman knows how to make love.

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Cap d’agde

Cap d’Agde – part of Europe’s largest naturist resort

Cap d’Agde is notorious for salacious beach adventures near Bezier How to get there: From Montpellier, take the Grand M traffic circle towards Sète on the N 112 (the name of the road). After Sète follow the road signs, direction Cap d’Agde and the “Village Naturiste”. The beach is located on the site of Héliopolis, the distance on foot is about 1 km to the west.

Espiguette – kilometer-long natural beach with dune landscape

There is a sandy beach more than 18 km long and 700 m wide in the south of France, classified as a natural area since 1998. The beach is characterized by the quality of the bathing water as well as by the unique dune. A walk along the edge of the beach of Espiguette is very impressive, almost like in the desert – with dunes up to 12 m high. For those who like nature and the original, the beach of Espiguette is just right. It consists of textile areas, nudist and gay. The boundaries of each zone are fluid, but everyone can find their place. The atmosphere is very gay-friendly. French code words: Gays call each other, among other things, “tante” (meaning faggot), la tantouse – faggot or le pédé – the gay. A young boy is called “crevette” (shrimp), a rich sugar daddy as “papa-gâteau”. On dating portals, on the other hand, there are new word creations: TBM, for example, stands for “très bien monté” (big schw….). Those looking for a date right away should refer to themselves as “dispo” (ready).

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  • Cap d’agde, Südfrankreich: Unsplash
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