Well styled men earn more money!?

Attractive and well-dressed men not only earn more money on average, but also make faster and better careers than others.

Since homosexuals actually always attach importance to their appearance and are always well styled, we should be successful? Is that right?

Not only a well-cut suit helps to the career, but also on the body care!

Well styled – well groomed – more money?

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And nowadays, body and facial care includes not only the right care products, but also the care or removal of existing body hair.

What has been a trend among women for years, also arouses the interest of the male population more and more every year.

Depiladoras, as the trained professionals in the waxing studios call themselves, report again and again that the men ask how strong the pain is during depilation, and the women are more interested in how long the result lasts. The fact is, especially with the first depilation it hurts, of course, because you are not used to the procedure.

But the more often you go, the more you will be rewarded with less severe regrowth and the less pain you will experience. And hardly anything is more pleasant than the silky soft skin one or two days after the waxing procedure.

Many men prefer to shave, because shaving the chest, abdomen and / or back is of course not associated with pain in the first place. For this, firstly, the hair grows back much faster and secondly, shaving is much more likely to cause skin irritation than a well-executed and hygienic waxing. The only places for which hair removal with hot wax is out of the question are the hairs on the face. The skin here is too sensitive for this and there are better ways to remove hair between the eyebrows, for example.

Well styled with the right skin care

So if you shave your face and let your body hair grow, you also need the appropriate care products to prevent possible irritation and to maintain the beautiful result for as long as possible. This includes not only the appropriate face creams, which should fulfill as many functions as possible at once in the men’s cosmetics sector, but also the appropriate body care and not to forget a good peeling against ingrown hairs.

From the mid-30s, men should basically start to look at care products, because stress and environmental factors also leave their mark on men’s skin.

So if you not only want to be hair-free and well-groomed under your clothes, but also want to be more successful professionally thanks to a well-groomed and healthy impression, you can also seek advice in appropriate beauty salons or online stores. Because even if men’s skin is not quite as sensitive as women’s, there are also different requirements to consider here.


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