Insider tip: Gay beach Torre del Lago

Torre del Lago – the new insider tip?

Torre de Lago was not yet a household name to me, but it seems to be THE summer gay destination in Italy. Sitgès, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe together with Ibiza and Mykonos, has got a new gay hot spot or wants to become one: Torre del Lago.

Torre de Lago is located in Tuscany, Italy, right next to Viareggio and has become THE gay beach in Italy in recent years. Here you can combine pleasure and culture
Pleasure and culture in Torre del lago

The Italians and the gay Italians love this beach, the place and so slowly it just got around, so that more and more tourists, (straights and gays) come. The promenade offers many gay restaurants, pubs and clubs.

On this promenade also takes place the annual MardiGras, which leads to the sunny gay beach. The fine sandy beach with the mountains behind it is a great place to relax. Right next to the beach is the legendary “Mamma Mia”, an open-air club for gays where people party every night in summer – crusing included. The area is marked with a rainbow flag, so that everyone knows where to go 🙂 In the summer you probably don’t have a quiet minute, because it is wildly cruised, it’s like in a darkroom (so I’ve been told….) Well, it should be high and hot in the summer, in the early and late season it is calmer. And the cruising is not only at night, but also during the day.

Torre del Lago, that is pure gay beach fun, where man will probably meet many Italos and few Germans. It is a very mixed crowd, colorful and crazy, with many transsexuals. Directly on site there are different accommodation options: Almost all hotels are in Viareggio, while you can find gay bed & breakfasts in the directly adjacent Torre del Lago, the center of gay nightlife.

Two things to keep in mind:
• you need a car, because the roads are long and far
• a good travel budget, a beer costs a good 6 Euro

I read on another travel blog that Tore Del Lago still has a long way to go to become a serious competitor to Sitgès. Also the Italians are special, most would never say they are gay but have plenty of quickies in the crusing area…. Make yourself a picture of this new gay destination, the area is beautiful and offers besides pleasure a lot of culture in Pisa, Florence or Sienna and of course not to forget – the Italian food!



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