Gay travel planning tips 2022

Gay Travel: experience your dream vacation with your partner in 2022

In the coming year 2022 you want to plan a wonderful trip with a partner? So that it succeeds exactly as you have dreamed it, you will find valuable tips here. Gay travel has its pitfalls. You are not welcome everywhere and tolerance is present in every country. But this way you can travel the world with your partner without any worries.

Travel as a gay couple

In some countries it is not only illegal to openly confess as a gay man, but it can even lead to execution. Fortunately, these are fewer countries and which are seen by most people as rather less attractive vacation destinations. These are, among others, countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Yemen. Some countries are just as less tolerant without immediately executing the people, but traveling is just as less carefree as in Indonesia, Russia or Poland. These are only a few countries.

Therefore, before any trip, you should get an idea of the political situation and the culture. In any case, check the official website of the respective government to see what kind of advice there is and what the tolerance towards gays is like.

Currently, the following destinations, as already mentioned, should be avoided: the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Somalia, Brunei, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, which belongs to Russia, Syria, Iran, Mauritania and Yemen.

When traveling, it is always advisable to learn about local customs. This concerns, for example, holding hands in public or the exchange of affection and kissing. Look carefully to see if you can share a room. If in doubt, call or email the hotel of your choice. The search function on TripAdvisor is suitable for a preselection. There are also hotels that clearly support the LGBTQ community.


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Safe travel planning

Safety always comes first. If the destination is selected, then in addition to the government page, the Wikipedia LGBT rights page is also recommended. On this page there is a table about the most important LGBTQ laws. In addition, there are important references to anti-discrimination laws around the world. Some countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore as well as Malaysia have anti-gay laws, but they are rarely enforced. Ultimately, however, they do exist and every gay person should know about them. Because you ultimately want to travel openly and carefree, so this information is just as important as your complete travel documents. Because transgender travelers should always make sure that their passport is clearly updated with their name and gender.

There are countries that ban HIV-positive people from entering the country. It is advisable to inform yourself about this. These countries are currently: Iraq, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. More current information is available on the HIV Travel website.

Local customs and outdoor culture

Those who love to indulge in open-air body culture should definitely take a closer look at the countries that have the best nudist beaches for gays when planning their trip. These include the USA, Spain and France. They have the best gay nudist beaches.

An attention should always go to the local customs. In the Thai tourist strongholds it is no problem to move freely, but this is not generally true for the Asian area. Valuable tips can be found on the net. And importantly, remember to have foreign health insurance.

The gay-friendly accommodation

International hotel brands like the Hyatt as well as Marriott are gay-friendly. Furthermore, there are international organizations that give hotel ratings in this regard. This way, LGBTQ travelers can tell if they are welcome. These organizations included TAG, IGLTA as well as Spartacus, World Rainbow Hotels, Gay Welcome and Purple Roofs, which only list accommodations that are run by gays only.

With Airbnb, it gets a little more difficult with the search function. They do not allow a search function for gays. It is different with Gay Homestays, FabStayz, Misterb&b, as well as Gaystay. The hotel brand W also supports the LGBTQ movement. It is not an explicit gay hotel chain, but they supported local gay events such as in Bali or Fort Lauderdale. If unsure, write an email or call the front desk. Gay travel should ultimately always be itself!

Interesting information can also be found on the net from gay travel bloggers. At the same time there are still the appropriate photos to the destinations. Personal experiences are always valuable.

HE Travel is known for its gay group tours. Who loves the adventure, finds here surely its next active vacation. In doing so, the tour operator limits itself to smaller groups. The Atlantis events put on party! The famous gay party cruises take place here. In the first four months of the year it goes to the Caribbean and in high summer to the Mediterranean. In general, make sure the organizer is not riding an LGBTQ wave and is ultimately not that gay-friendly. Look more closely here then. A few inquiries will quickly clarify how it really looks with the gay friendliness on site.

Also use the gay travel apps for important information. This way you can find important information for excursions, localities and events in your area. Gay dating apps can also help you find hip parties in the area for the respective country. Grindr can help you with this. However, in some countries like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, these apps are blocked.

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Some interesting destinations

Here are a few more recommendations for great vacations:

Thailand is a true paradise. Casual beach vacations with fantastic beaches as well as a great gay scene. The capital Bangkok is a true mecca for gays with a fantastic food street scene. Spain and Greece with their gay scene hotspots are always worth a trip. Whether Gran Canaria or Barcelona as well as Mykonos and other Greek islands, it’s just fantastically laid back and casual.

Buenos Aires in Argentina is interesting, especially for those willing to dance in the queer scene. From there, trips to the original and nature-loving Argentina are worthwhile. And above all, of course, Florida is always worth a trip. Fantastic gay beaches and a casual nightlife await you and your partner. If you want to experience something special, you should check out the gay scene in Tokyo.

Summary: Gay travel checklist

Safety is key when traveling as an LGBTQ person. For a new destination, you should do a few “safety checks”:

1. is it legal to be gay in the country?
2. is it safe to be openly gay there?
3. what are the official government travel advisories?
4. check the passport and your papers.
5. are there special instructions for HIV+ travelers?
7. what about nudism?
8. are there any local customs to be aware of?
9. what about travel insurance?

And as we all know, anticipation is the best joy. Have you found your destination yet?


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