Gay travel – what can be in the luggage

Going on a trip is fun, packing suitcases actually not so much. Besides your clothes, swimming trunks, you should also think about other things that a gay man wants or would like to take with him on vacation.

So what can go in the suitcase, hand luggage and what should perhaps better stay at home?

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1. Condoms + lubricant

Pack enough condoms and lube. Only you know exactly what size fits you and what lube is best for you. In other countries it is often difficult to get condoms. Condoms protect not only against HIV, but also against other sexually transmitted diseases. Otherwise, that cute guy you took to your hotel room may give you more than just an exciting evening…. , please practice safer sex!

2. Sex toys

Security will see the sex toys in your carry-on luggage, even if it’s just the batteries inside. In short, there is a good chance that your carry-on luggage will be checked if one of the toys is mistaken for a weapon! Better pack the sex toy in the checked luggage to avoid the embarrassment at the security check.

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3. Poppers

Poppers are illegal in many countries, so it would be safer to leave it at home altogether. It is better to keep it in your suitcase, but officially you are not allowed to carry poppers in your hand luggage or checked luggage, as it is a highly flammable solvent.

4. No drugs!

This goes without saying! Better safe than sorry, and in some countries there are even death penalties for drug use. It is illegal and will likely result in a hefty fine, criminal conviction, and/or jail time.

5. PrEP and HIV medications

If you are on PrEP or taking HIV medication, remember to have enough supplies for travel. Obtaining PrEP in some countries is nearly impossible and/or very expensive! Also find out how much medication you are allowed to take to your destination country.

6. Viagra & Co

For many, sex on vacation is an integral part of the vacation activities. So that there is no hang-up, many gays take a few blue pills with them in their luggage. Find out beforehand whether you are allowed to bring them into the country.


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What else do you take with you?


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