A mustache is the latest beard trend

The well-groomed mustache is the latest trend beard

It was the definition of masculinity in the 80s: the moustache. Who didn’t want to have a moustache like Tom Selleck’s? Then he was out, mega out.

But not only I have rediscovered the love of the moustache, many stars wear very brave and self-confident again a moustache. The moustache is absolutely hip again and is even the symbol of the trendy hipster movement (mostly in addition a full beard).

Only well groomed and perfectly trimmed mustache can make an impression.

First of all you need patience ! 3-4 weeks you need to get a handsome beard on top. Also during this time it itches and scratches and the partner will complain extensively, when kissing it will sting properly.

Beard hair is stubborn and grows at different rates. As a rule, so 0.3-0.5mm a day. Even in the growth phase, it must be brought into shape, otherwise it will quickly look unkempt.

Trimming and care

At the beginning: Let it grow, let it grow. Then determine the shape. A thin pencil beard, a fat walrus beard or, for the very brave, the swirl beard. It depends on the type of man and how strongly the beard hair grows.


mustacheQuelle: unsplash: Christian Buehner

Trimming mustache

For trimming, beard scissors are recommended, they are more accurate than a trimmer. How quickly you put the trimmer crooked and disfigured the newly pulled beard. A pair of scissors is easier when trimming.

A fine beard comb is also very helpful. The beard hairs are combed down and cut along the upper lip with the scissors. Always follow the shape of the mouth, so there is a straight result.

Moustache care

The upper lip mustache comes into contact with food: Beer foam, latte macchiato milk foam, curry sausage sauce, etc. So it needs to be washed every day! Usually you do it in the shower, but actually you should use a special beard shampoo, it is milder and does not dry out the beard and the skin underneath so much.

Beard care means: beard oil or beard balm. Both nourish the beard hair and skin and make it softer and less stubborn.

Beard wax keeps the beard in shape and with it he can also be twirled. Much of the beard care products you do not need, so the products are also very productive.


Care, care, care – only then he looks good!
Comb and cut
wash every day
Shaping with beard oil or beard jelly




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