The most LGBTIQ-friendly destinations

When planning a vacation, you should always consult the current Gay Travel Index. Not every country is ideal for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersexual or queer people. I don’t think we should spend money on countries that don’t welcome us – the world is big enough for that.

The most LGBTIQ-friendly destination in the world: Canada!

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The top travel countries according to Gay Travel Index 2021:

1: Canada
2: Malta, Portugal, Spain
5: Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Uruguay
10: Australia, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan
14: Colombia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland
18: Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Norway

These countries have liberal laws and here you are accepted as gay, just normal. And on top of that they are great travel countries with culture, good food, shopping, bars and usually a queer community in every big city.

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Other suitable LGBTIQ-friendly travel destinations for gays:

  • Australia or even New Zealand are great gay travel destinations with great offers and activities.
  • In South America, not all countries are equally liberal. Here are particularly suitable: Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.
  • In Asia, Taiwan, India and Thailand are good gay travel destinations.
  • South Africa a really good LGBTIQ travel destination, but just South Africa. North and Central Africa should definitely be avoided to be on the safe side.
  • Countries in the Middle East have partly very restrictive legal situations.

Gay Travel Index 2021 as PDF:


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