The gay beach Es Trenc

Es Trenc beach is a great gay beach in the south of Mallorca. There is nothing but nature. The beginning of the beach at Ses Covetes is equipped with sunbeds, which you can rent for quite expensive money per day. Then come various beach sections that are without loungers, the nudist section and then at some point comes the gay section. Here, too, nude is the order of the day, but you don’t have to be.

This gay beach is wonderfully informal

For a gay man this beach section is wonderfully informal, everyone can be as he wants, whether old or young, fat or thin, muscular, whatever, everyone is welcome here. Although it is forbidden to go into the dunes, the dunes are also a popular cruising area on this gay beach. I also went to the dunes once.

Es Trenc Gay StrandQuelle: RalfRoyal

There are endless trails, many trees and you can walk for miles. You can hardly believe it, but you can definitely get lost. A view from a hill brings the orientation back, because you can see the sea, most of the time, but never hear it, you are just too far away. Who has ever seen how many boys and men disappeared in the direction of the dunes, wonders where they all are. If one goes to the right and the other to the left, they might hardly find each other again in this dune forest. I myself have walked around for an hour and have seen 1-2 other gays, no more.



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