Punta Cana – Caribbean Paradise

A Caribbean trip is a dream. Our dream is called Punta Cana. There are the best beaches in Punta Cana, white sand, turquoise water, fantastically warm (30 degrees), but never too hot, because always windy.

Palmen im Wind in Punta CanaQuelle: RalfRoyal

Friends who have traveled more advised us to do so years ago. The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For us, the best time to travel is December, January. The country is considered somewhat unsafe, emphasis on somewhat. Since you usually do not leave the hotel complex, you hardly get to see the real life. In conversations with the local employees you can still get an idea – the country is poor and everyone is happy to receive a little tip.  

der perfekte Strand in Punta CanaQuelle: RalfRoyal
the perfect beach

The hotel complexes in Punta Cana are usually all located directly on the beach and after breakfast you either go to the pool or to the beautiful beach. The first days you stay best under a palm tree, the sun simply burns stronger than in Germany and the skin is actually in winter mode. Sunscreen with SPF 50 recommended!

The food is, contrary to expectations, perfect, there is no lack of anything in the all-in hotels. I do not know how it is in 3-star hotel, but from 4-star everything is good. Hygiene is important in this country, it is always warm and humid and this is actually perfect for gastrointestinal problems. But if you follow the usual hygiene measures, nothing will happen to you: wash your hands, etc.  

Heiratspavillon am StrandQuelle: RalfRoyal
Wedding on the beach

After breakfast, you can walk for miles along the beach and can thus also see other hotel facilities at least from the beach. We have actually always been happy to be in a RIU hotel, because they always have a clean beach, it is constantly cleaned up, the service is great.

There is plenty of staff making the tourist’s lives as comfortable as possible. With monthly salary of 50-100 dollars, you can already employ a lot of employees. With nearly 2.7 million foreign visitors, Punta Cana was the 44th most visited city in the world in 2016 and ranked third in Latin America.


  • Palmen in Punta Cana: RalfRoyal
  • alleine am Strand: RalfRoyal
  • Heiratspavillion: RalfRoyal
  • cropped-IMG_0137.jpg: RalfRoyal

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