Sockets and electricity in the Dominican Republic

Sockets and electricity in the Dominican Republic

The voltage in the Dominican Republic is 110V / 60Hz, just like in the United States, so you can also charge a cell phone, because current chargers work worldwide.

We have now made it so that we have taken powerbanks on vacation. We charged them during the day and then used them to charge our cell phones at night. You take your cell phone with you to the beach, to eat, etc. during the day.

So you wonder why we didn’t charge the cell phones directly? Our iPhones were not fully charged overnight, but with the powerbanks already. 110V is really little.
The USB plugs of chargers fit well into the sockets, otherwise you can also take an adapter for the USA.

Typical plugs in the Dominican Republic are American plugs with 3 or even only 2 contact pins.


  • powersocket: unsplash

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